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Developing people is one of the key roles of leadership most easily accomplished when a systematic approach is in place. Career and Succession Planning are noted by business experts as important components of a successful company's strategic plan.

Career Planning strives to match individual employee goals with the needs of the organization. Effective career planning increases the flexibility in assignment of duties as employees become proficient in different areas and provide increased opportunities for employees to make optimal use of their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Succession Planning is a deliberate and systematic effort to develop and cultivate a pool of individuals who will be prepared to move into vertical and/or horizontal positions at different times and levels of the organization to ensure leadership continuity in key positions. The program will also focus on retaining and developing organizational knowledge for the future, and encourage individual advancement. 

Defined career paths help the company recruit and retain better people and provide an ongoing supply of well trained, broadly experienced, well-motivated people who are ready and able to step into new positions as needed.


We can help you develop and implement effective Career and Succession Planning programs that align the future needs of the company with the availability of appropriate resources within the company.


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