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Our MA & JVA group is designed to provide clients with the benefits of first hand market intelligence, unparalleled relationships, and experience for the purpose of establishing an opportunity for the client to buy or sell. Our services encompass every aspect of the transactional process from start to finish. As the landscape of Commercial Mortgage and Commercial Real Estate Finance continues to evolve, we continue to broaden our role as joint venture/ mergers and acquisitions advisors within the market place.

For Buyers: 

  • Confidential sourcing, identification, contact, and courtship of qualified sellers

  • Market and Candidate pool evaluation, analysis, and reporting

  • Market and Company valuation and pricing

  • Management of due diligence process

  • Assisting in structuring the transaction 

  • Tendering of the formal offer

  • Facilitation of the negotiation and transaction process

  • Tactical management of the purchase process

For Sellers: 

  • Company Valuation and pricing

  • Strategy development and implementation of discretionary marketing

  • Confidential identification, contact, and courtship of qualified buyers

  • Candidate pool assessment and reporting

  • Valuation and Analysis of offers 

  • Negotiation and Transaction management

  • Closing

  • Alliance Creation / Joint Ventures: 

  • Establishing strategic goals and objectives with senior management

  • Assessing profitability, evaluating limitations and determining potential of production entities 

  • Sourcing, identifying, & qualifying a prospect pool of potential joint venture and alliance partners.

  • Initiating contact and developing dialogue with potential partners on a confidential basis 

  • Facilitating negotiations, from initial discussion through the closing

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