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Presently, we are one of the only firms in the country that is dedicated to the full time search and recruitment efforts within the commercial real estate finance and commercial mortgage market place. Our successful recruitment of senior level executives through mid–level managerial leaderships roles and key skill set positions has enabled our clients to move forward with their plans in a timely manner.

From professionals in construction lending to bridge and mezzanine financing, through the various permanent debt products our understanding of the marketplace, our clients operations, and those of their competitors has dictated our success.  We possess highly successful track records in markets such as FNMA DUS and FHLMC market rate and affordable, capital markets/conduits, FHA MAP programs, life, portfolio and balance sheet lending.

Our knowledge of the commercial income property market place, our relationships within it, and our commitment to serve the client and the candidate, continues to guide us and secure our position as the leader in Commercial Real Estate Finance and Commercial Mortgage search and recruitment.


Position Assessment.  With the client, we establish their competitive role as an organization in the market place, their objectives, the position they desire recruitment for, the expectations for the desired position, and where the client will realize value from the role and how it translates into the company and employee’s success.  A complete position specification is developed based on the information.  It is critical that all parties start from the same reference point; therefore, our staff is available to meet with all persons involved in the strategic and hiring processes as necessary.

Prospect Identification.  Like many of our clients’ own businesses, our business is truly an art and a science.  Establishing credibility with high performers within any market segment is a highly refined and specialized process.  We possess the expertise and the credibility to engage confidentially with those our clients deem to be true performers.  We consult with them from an impartial perspective and gain insight as to what type of opportunity and career enhancements would motivate them to move.  We identify non-job related information about candidates as well.  This information can at times make or break a successful search.  The information can be as obvious as the candidate’s desire to move to a certain part of the country or as subtle as spousal concerns (i.e. jobs, children, second career etc.).  

Interviewing.  We utilize several different methods to qualify the individuals we represent.  No single method works for every problem, nor does every working environment ensure a proven performer will continue to succeed.  We assess character, personality, disposition, demeanor, and culture as well other attributes to ensure an individual is calibrated for a client’s particular environment, and the client is prepared and able to manage the individual and their expectations.  

Constant Communications.  We can provide reports recapping each week’s activity. These reports can include calls made, contacts made, and the results of these calls.  This allows our clients to see the progress of each search on a real-time basis.  We are always accessible to the clients and the candidates.

Real Time Market Assessments.  During the process, we provide up-to-date real time statistical information in reference to the client’s particular search.  This information can help fine tune the parameters of the search as necessary.  This information could include salary surveys, compensation analysis and specific information about competitors, the marketplace, and profiles of individuals already in similar positions.

Facilitating the Process.  Almost anyone can identify a top candidate.  A key to our success is that we are able to not only identify, but more importantly, broker the top candidate to our client and vice versa.  As often is the case, the very best candidates sometimes come with particular needs and healthy personalities.  As a third party broker, we are able to help establish and build upon a mutually beneficial relationship rather than having it deteriorate due to differences that could have been resolved.  

Post Screening of Candidates.  After prospective candidates have been identified, we can conduct reference and full background checks which include credit, DMV, criminal educational any other information as requested by our client.  These services are conducted by an independent professional service which assures unbiased and objective information. 

Provide a Short List of Outstanding Candidates.  After working through an extensive search process, we will provide a short list of ideal candidates.  Summaries and profiles are provided and recommendations can be given. 

Conduct Face-to-Face Interviews.  At the client’s direction, we are capable of conducting any and all face-to-face interviews and meetings.  We also can arrange video/ tele-conferencing when appropriate or necessary. 

Negotiating Terms, Tendering the Offer, and Acceptance.  A valuable quality to our client and the candidate is the continued accessibility as a third party in the final stages of the search.  Although clients reserve the right to negotiate terms and tender offers themselves, if the client chooses, we are prepared to negotiate terms on the client’s behalf, tender the final offer, and establish a formal acceptance by the candidate.

The Candidate’s Transition.  Many companies have experienced losing a candidate after an offer has been accepted. CSTRAT prepares the candidate for the potential emotional and physical stress in relation to making this transition.  We anticipate and address the potential for counter-offers and emotional strategies that may result when a candidate resigns from his or her present firm. We guide the candidate through the resignation process, i.e. resignation letter, notice and how to protect their interest when leaving (i.e., bonuses, contracts, etc.). 

Post Acceptance and Hiring Follow-Up.  We walk the candidate through “buyer’s remorse” and “second thoughts” he or she may have after joining our client.  With appropriate, timely feedback, we help make sure that our clients and our candidates are comfortable with their new partnership.

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